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Putting The Fun into Running

Any of these sound like you?

  • You’re motivated. You’ve got your eye on some races. But…. life keeps getting in the way, and you can’t fit in the training. 

  • You’ve been running for a while. But you feel like you could be doing better… IF you had some accountability.  

  • You’re kinda new to running, but you want to get into it. You just don’t know where to start or how to keep going.  

  • You don’t know if you’re running too much, or too little or - what?! 

I can help.

As a certified running coach, I’ve been working with runners for over 30 years. From beginners to seasoned ultra-marathoners, I’ve helped people of all ages and stages nail their goals and get the most out of their abilities.  

Whether you’re building up to a 10k, a 100-miler, or just trying to get a regular running routine in place, I’ll guide you there.

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