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"Hazel 's coaching took me from couch to 50km trail run in around 10 months. She is a great source of motivation, discipline and vast knowledge about running. She really helped me to focus on the menta and self caring side too. I am looking forward to my next hard run because I have got her in my cornerl"

Darryl Gouder  - Prague

"After 2 years of injury and then surgery, I wanted to run again. Hazel assured me I could get to 10kms again.  I wasn't as convinced, fast forward a couple of months and I made it ... this all happened during Covid Lockdown.Hazel is encouraging, positive, well researched. her training approach is evidence based ."

Candy Gray Wellington New Zealand

"You couldn't ask for a better running coach than Hazel for whatever distance you have in mind. She makes training Fun, you'll even have some fun whilst getting your butt kicked, she has the knowledge and experience to back it up. An awesome motivator and mentor, right down to race prep and execution"

R Wong Wētā FX Run Club Wellington